FAQ About Diamonds


What are Diamonds?

A diamond is a crystal that is made of carbon atoms. They are very tough because the atoms are arranged in an isometric matrix that makes it extremely difficult to break them apart or even to dissolve them. Without any interference (which is rare), diamonds form a perfect octahedral shape. Normally, diamonds encounter extreme pressure and heat during their formation, however and variations in this pressure and heat will result in minor "deformities" that will be visible in the final product. This is why we have developed the four Cs of diamond quality in order to help grade the differences between each diamond.

How are Diamonds Cut?

A diamond that is fresh from the surface of the earth looks nothing like what you see in the jewelry stores. In order to get that beautiful, stellar look that will go into an engagement ring, diamonds must first be cut and polished by trained professionals.

Usually a raw diamond is large enough to be used for two or three gemstones at least, so the first thing to do is to cleave the diamond into smaller pieces. Once that happens, the diamond undergoes its first hard polishing which grinds away much of the hard outer edges and reveals the basic shape that the diamond will take later. Then the diamond is faceted by cutting it using professional craftsmanship and tools. Once these steps are complete, the diamond is boiled in a solution of hydrochloric or sulfuric acid to remove any remaining dust or oil.

Is it Safe to have Diamonds Mailed?

As long as they have been properly insured against loss or theft, it is usually quite safe to have diamonds sent in the mail. They are not going to suffer from being crushed, spindled or mutilated, so you can rest easy knowing that your stone will arrive in the same physical condition it was in when it was shipped.

What is DeBeers?

DeBeers is an international firm, headquartered in London, which buys diamonds direct from those companies that own diamond mines around the world, and then sells these rough stones to the cutters and other industrial buyers of diamonds around the world. Historically, DeBeers has been a monopoly but lately they have been slowly losing their monopolistic hold on the diamond clearing industry to other, smaller firms that have sprouted up to challenge them in the last few decades.

How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

First, know that people get engaged and married every day in this country without seeing a single glint of diamond anywhere. The idea of diamonds as engagement rings was started in the 30s and 40s by DeBeers and has grown in popularity due to a massive media blitz. Your love for your betrothed should be the important thing, not focusing on the size of a diamond that you purchase. That aside, tradition suggests that spending 2 months of your salary on a ring is the right amount.

You can find variety of designs in engagement rings but if you want something different and exotic for your beloved then you can also design your own ring. There are many couples who prefer to design their own ring to add a personal touch. And nowadays designing a beautiful ring is not a very daunting task. You can easily design a ring of your own choice for your sweetheart. Here are few tips which will help you in designing an elegant engagement ring.

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