Diamonds Buying Mistakes 
People buy diamonds for themselves or their loved ones every day in this country and for the most part, they make the same common mistakes when purchasing their diamond jewelry. You can avoid these mistakes and ensure that you purchase the right diamond to meet your needs without getting stuck.

Not buying from a reputable source

Believe it or not, there are jewelers out there who will sell you a cubic zirconium dressed up as a diamond and not think twice about it. These resellers of ill repute can be found in every corner of the nation and on the Internet. Usually they will have scant or very limited refund policies and take advantage of customers who are in a hasty rush to try to buy the biggest diamond they can at the lowest price without realizing that there are very few shortcuts to quality diamond sales.

Focusing on Carat alone

It is possible to get a very large carat diamond for a very low price. Unfortunately, this can usually only be achieved by sacrificing the other Cs of diamond quality. What you will get for that low price is a large yellow diamond with enough flaws in it to drive a truck through. You should balance your diamond buying experience with an eye on all five Cs for the diamond and not focus specifically on size alone. A diamond that doesn't shine with fire to catch the eye from across the room is not one you want to put on a loved one's finger.

Falling for a trick of light

Professional diamond showcases and jewelry stores are not designed quite by accident. Every curve of the room, corner and light placement has a strategic function - especially around the jewelry case. Some jewelers will use lighting with a blue tint to it in order to give the illusion that the diamonds they are showing you in the case have some blue to them. In order to get the best view of your stone before you buy it, you should ask the jeweler to hold it up while you stand back at least six feet and see how the diamond responds to the light. If it shoots fire, you are looking at a good stone, otherwise, you should have them put it back and consider a different stone.

Not comparison shopping

Far too often, a person in search for just the right diamond will stop short of going to multiple locations to get the stone they need. Instead, upon entering the first diamond retailer they come to, they are wooed and impressed by the professional salespersons who have been plying their trade for a long time. Rather than take the time to even go home and sleep on the purchase, let alone go and visit another jeweler in order to compare pricing and quality, they will be lured into making their purchase right away.

Buying a diamond is typically a lifetime decision, since diamonds pretty much always outlast their owners. For something so expensive and eternal, one should think carefully about their purchase and not settle for the first thing that is offered to them.

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