Buying Diamonds Online

Know What You are Looking For

There are several key differences to buying jewelry and wholesale diamonds online compared to actually buying in a brick and mortar store. Knowing these differences is key to having a successful buying experience. Here are several tips to help you with the online buying process.

Understand Your diamond types and quality: Since you will not have a commissioned salesperson to help you with answering your questions while buying your jewelry online, you should have a strong understanding of the types of diamonds and their 4 C's before you begin to make your purchase. Fortunately, Mansfield Designs has brought much of this information together on this site to help educate you before you make your decision as to what online retailer or stone interests you.

Comparison Shop: Just like shopping for a car or a house, a diamond purchase can be a fairly expensive proposition, and one you should not approach lightly. With that in mind, you should shop several retailers before deciding on your diamond purchase. Since all diamonds are different, of course a precise comparison is impossible, but you should be able to find extreme similarities between what one jeweler will offer you and what another one has for sale. Once you have at least two similar stones or pieces of jewelry to compare, you can then make your decision on which one to buy based on other factors like price and delivery time.

Make sure there's a solid return policy: Diamonds are forever and virtually indestructible, so there is no excuse for any retailer to not have an iron-clad return policy that you can live with, in case the stone that you get is not keeping with what you were hoping for. Make sure you read carefully through their return policy.

Get a clear view of your diamond: The sites you are buying from should allow you to magnify the view of your diamond or jewelry quite extensively, allowing you to get a clear look at the stone before you buy.

Make sure the size is right: Before buying a diamond ring online you should be absolutely certain that you know the ring size you will need. Buying a ring and then needing to get it altered later can be expensive and time-consuming. Many sites will offer you the opportunity to print out a finger sizing chart in order to assist with getting the proper measurement.




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